New From Absolutely Lobster® -- 3 Sauces Made From Real Lobster


New From Absolutely Lobster® -- 3 Sauces Made From Real Lobster

From Absolutely Lobster® -- the team that brought you the revolutionary new way to enjoy lobster tails – comes another mouth-watering, unique lobster product...

Fresh, fun, and flavorful Absolutely Lobster® Sauces, nominated for a Seafood Excellence Award for the 2016 Seafood Expo North America! 

Hand-made in small batches from real North American lobster, farm-ripe California tomatoes, and Italian extra virgin olive oil, Absolutely Lobster® Sauces help you turn any meal into a gourmet seafood feast.  Pour atop pasta, serve as a soup, or even just dip in with your favorite bread….

And they are so easy to prepare!  Simply heat and serve in their convenient, BPA-free, microwave-safe container. 

No preservatives, no added sugar, and certified gluten-free.

Absolutely Lobster® Sauces come in three delectable flavors. 

Marinara:  Absolutely classic over fresh ravioli or tortellini, Absolutely Lobster® Marinara adds a fresh, light, buttery lobster flavor to any pasta dish.

Vodka:  Velvety smooth, Absolutely Lobster® Vodka sauce pairs perfectly with pasta and peas, or serve alongside a grilled cheese sandwich for an Absolutely Lobster® original creamy tomato soup!

Arrabbiata:  Add Absolutely Lobster® Arrabbiata to penne with calamari for an incomparable seafood combo or use as a zesty base for absolutely flavorful seafood stews! 

Absolutely Lobster® Sauces are as versatile as they are convenient -- and absolutely delicious.  The only limit is your imagination!


Made in America.

Refrigerate sauces up to 60 days.  Can be frozen for 14 months.